ADK Shakes and Kids: Their Crafty Summer

   One of the amazing creations from the ADK Shakes featured during the 2015 Schroon Lake July 4th Parade.


One of the amazing creations from the ADK Shakes featured during the 2015 Schroon Lake July 4th Parade.

Schroon’s own ADK Shakespeare Company is adding a new element to their children’s programming this year – and fans of the company are helping out in a big way. 

Through their Adirondack Gives Campaign they have raised $2,410.00 out of their $3,000.00 goal  to help fund  an Arts & Crafts activity for their young audience members. 

As of this writing there is 13 days to go. Get all of the info, by clicking right here. 

Children ages six  and up will create their own Native American Wampum Belt; and kids under six will color, decorate, and construct a turtle to make their very own Turtle Island.

It’s an amazing idea. From Company Director Tara Bradway:

“Actors from the show will teach the kids about the tradition of wampum belts, give directions on stringing beads according to a simple design, and then assist the children in creating their own belt. Children under six  can, instead, create their very own Turtle Island. They will color the back of Turtle’s shell in crayon, and with the help of a parent, guardian, or one of our actors, they can use a glue stick to decorate Turtle’s shell with tissue paper squares and to attach Turtle’s tail, feet, and head from pre-cut pieces of construction paper”.

Your donation will help  purchase 3,000 purple and 5,000 white pony beads, and 3,000 pipe cleaners suitable for creating wampum belts for children ages 6 and up (enough for 500 Wampum Belts), support curriculum development: developing clear, age-appropriate instruction on the history of wampum; directions for stringing the belts; and worksheets for children to take home with more information on how to create their very own designs

What’s also needed  is 500 sheets of green construction paper, 500 paper plates, 5,000 tissue paper mini-squares, crayons, and glue sticks for our Turtle Island craft for children under 6 (enough for 500 Turtles)

ADK Shakes wants to bring in a Native Mohawk Storyteller for an hour to tell stories and a Mohawk craftsperson for a beading demonstration & workshop on Saturday, August 1 AND provide a free lunch for our young audience members!”

We hope you can help out and support the tireless and creative efforts of this forward thinking band of thespians! Learn more about Learn more about Adirondack Shakespeare Company, their mission, and view images from more than 30 past productions, right here 

   Those crafty thespians: Always having FUN!!!


Those crafty thespians: Always having FUN!!!