Silent Classic Movies at the Strand


Schroon’s Strand Theatre will host three silent comedy shorts starring Buster Keaton, with live piano scoring by Ben Model on July 29th.

Ben is the resident film accompanist at the Library of Congress and New York City's Museum of Modern Art. The films — One Week, The Scarecrow and The Blacksmith — were recently restored by Lobster Films and have been handpicked by Model, who will introduce each short and lead a discussion with the audience following the screenings.

One Week is a story involving two newlyweds, Keaton and Seely, who receive a build-it-yourself house as a wedding gift. The house can be built, supposedly, in "one week". A rejected suitor secretly re-numbers packing crates. The movie recounts Keaton's struggle to assemble the house according to this new "arrangement". The end result is depicted in the picture. As if this were not enough, Keaton finds he has built his house on the wrong site and has to move it. The movie reaches its tense climax when the house becomes stuck on railroad tracks. Keaton and Seely try to move it out the way of an oncoming train, which eventually passes on the neighboring track. As the couple look relieved, the house is immediately struck and demolished by another train coming the other way. Keaton stares at the scene, places a 'For Sale' sign with the heap (attaching the building instructions) and walks off with Seely.

On August 12 Casablanca takes centre stage. The program will be hosted by film historian Jeremy Arnold, a TCM contributor and author.

Tickets to each 8 p.m. program are $10 and will be available at the door (cash only). The historic Strand Theater is located at 1102 Main St. (Route 9), Schroon Lake. For more information, call 518-532-9077.

Get Up Jack Plays The Boat House on Tuesday, July 23!

From the band’s official bio:

Irish-Americans John Haggerty and Mike DeAngelis have been performing Irish music together since 1979. In 2013, they founded their newest band, GET UP JACK, a culmination of nearly four decades of musical performances together and with other well-known bands, playing in the US and Ireland. 

John and Mike have had the distinct pleasure of sharing the festival stages with their original musical inspirations: the Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem, and The Wolftones, as well as their more contemporary influences: The Saw Doctors and Great Big Sea. 

Drawing from classic Irish folk sound, GET UP JACK merges today’s high energy Irish music with impressive vocal harmony and unexpected musical talent. GET UP JACK is at home playing in a neighborhood pint-swinging pub or performing on a festival stage to a dancing crowd of thousands - and every venue in-between. 

Old and young alike enjoy the moving beat or mournful ballad from these seasoned showmen, who have also shared the same festival stages with Gaelic Storm, Eileen Ivers, Solas, Black 47 and The Young Dubliners, to name a few.

*Rod Stewart Performs in Schroon Lake

Jay Gates as Rod Stewart

Jay Gates as Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart impersonator Jay Gates takes the stage Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at the BoatHouse, proudly presented by the Schroon Lake Arts Council. Get ticket info by clicking here.

From Jay’s bio:

“Every Rod Stewart impersonator has the haircut, shoes, and clothes . . . some even have the voice and moves.  But in addition to all of that, Jay has something the other Rod Stewart look-alikes will never have.  He’s got the nose . . . HE’S GOT THE NOSE!  As Rod himself would sing, ‘some guys have all the luck’.

 Armed with a repertoire of over forty hits, dressed to the nines in full Rod regalia, and belting it out with a raspy four octave range, Jay consistently brings it on and dares any audience anywhere to leave his performances unhappy.  Fun is had by all and it is always a jolly good time indeed!

Be it with a dynamic four-piece band, alone with backing tracks, or any combination in-between, Jay astonishingly recreates all phases of Rod’s award winning career from his early days with the Jeff Beck Group and Faces right through to his current residency at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

 From the majesty of a full-blown rock concert to the intimacy of a private party, Jay’s ability to connect with any audience has made his Boston-based Rod Stewart Tribute a top choice among event planners, booking agents, and music lovers from New England to England . . . make him yours too!”