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If your are posting a comment, be civil. When you leave a comment on a post, you start or join a conversation, so bring something to the conversation. Like guests at a party, just because you’ve accepted an invitation to comment, doesn’t mean there isn’t commenting etiquette that’s expected. Whether you’re a seasoned commenter, or commenting on Schroon Laker for the first time, we’ve got some guidelines for joining the online conversation and adding to the Schroon Laker  online community.

It’s fine to have an online handle and opt not to use your real name (especially since your boss would freak if he/she saw how much time you spent online). It’s not alright to out someone else, or be otherwise cowardly by making accusations or character attacks against someone you name specifically when you are hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. If you can’t own it, don’t say it. If you do, it’s you who will be banned.

We all don’t agree on everything, and sometimes people say some stupid things. You wouldn’t call them out face to face – so don’t do it here. You can state your piece and disagree with someone without insulting that person. Believe me, I know you can do it.

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