Dog Poopgate: Beloved Schroon Community Garden Vandalized

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An uncaring dog owner is allegedly using Schroon’s Community Garden to bury their dog’s poop in the bed of a gardener. Now the Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce has taken measures to stop the creep responsible.

Emily Rossi-Snook first posted about this outrageous act on the Schroon Lake Voice Facebook Page on August 15.

From Emily:

“The Community Garden is a wonderful contribution to Main Street. Many of us, led by the efforts of the Chamber staff, plant, nurse, harvest, and share our bounty. COULD THE PERSON WHO IS USING MY PLOT AS A TOILET FOR THEIR DOG PLEASE CEASE. It is disgusting; it is keeping my plants from growing, and it's vandalism. I'm sorry for those of you who have to read this. I don't know how else to stop it.

 And from the Chamber:

TO WHOMEVER IS USING THE SCHROON LAKE COMMUNITY GARDEN PLOTS TO BURY THEIR DOG DROPPINGS...These garden plots are paid for and lovingly planted and tended by our year-round and summer residents. They are used to grow vegetables that are being picked and eaten. Why someone thinks this is a place to leave dog droppings is beyond us, but now we'll be watching electronically (the Chamber is right across the street).

This is not the first time we have reported acts of vandalism at the Garden. Read about it here.

Paradox Lake Dog of the Week: Meet Luke


Meet Luke, this week’s Dog of the Week. From Luke’s proud dad:

“Luke is a 10 year old ‘Rescue Dog’.  He is part Pointer and part Husky.  He was about 6 months old, a little white ball of fur with one black patch on his face and paws too big for his body.  He is now 110 pounds with black and brown patches and black spots on his abundant white fur.  All the gals tell him how beautiful he is…..he loves it!

He also loves riding in the car, chasing critters, and going for boat rides on Paradox Lake.  If we are out in the boat, you can be sure that you will see him sprawled out in the bow watching everything and everybody, and keeping an eye out for other boating dogs.  That said, his most favorite thing in the world…..belly rubs!”

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