Food, Fun and CPR: Only in Schroon


From Shelby Davis"":

“We have some delicious treats lined up for the Red, White and Blue Bake Sale coming up on Saturday! Oreo Pops, both regular and gluten-free, Pound Cake Pops, Fireworks S'Mores, Cupcakes, Mini-Cakes, Brownies, Cookies and much more! Hope you'll stop by and visit the Squad at the Town Park from 10 am to 2 pm this Saturday for all the family-friendly activities we have lined up!
And if you have something to donate for the Bake Sale, we'll be at the station on Friday from 3 pm - 6 pm if you would like to drop it off.”

For more information contact Taylor at 518-420-3285 or Shelby at 518-932-1241.

Pit Stop Sweet Shop Revs Up Main Street Schroon



Laura Lane just loves candy. Laura loves candy so much that she has always wanted to share her passion with others. So how do you do that? By opening a store dedicated to all things sweet, in downtown Schroon.

 We caught up with Laura and her husband Buddy, in the middle of the final build out of their new storefront on Main Street, directly opposite Stewarts.

The idea of a store has been on Laura’s mind for about five years. The search for a shop got serious about a year ago.

The couple have been fans of Schroon since buying a place in Loon Lake 14 years ago.

 “We always wanted to be in Schroon, We had our eye on the place next store. (Bark Eater Outfitters).

“I said to Buddy ‘Let's just do it and see what happens’”.

A short time later, they opted for their current digs. Buddy is behind the build out of the space, which recently featured the headquarters of a political hopeful. 

The store will feature 12 different flavors of fudge, 16 different flavors of salt water taffy, close to 50 different varieties of scoop bulk candy --  penny candy by the pound --  and six flavors of pucker powder and the 12 flavors of Jelly Belly.

The couple have been fans of Schroon since buying a place in Loon Lake 14 years ago.

Laura has been working in the candy industry for more than three decades, from production to distribution.

The store’s logo has a classic old school ‘Hot Wheels’ theme. A friend of the couple’s son designed it. “He designed the flame on the Dorito’s logo. He knows that I love cars and that I love candy. It's really great”. 
The store will have a soft opening on May 18. Laura plans to be open on the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend through Monday.

Early in the summer Pit Stop Sweet Shop will be open seven days a week.

Laura hopes to add more vintage candy in the future. She is looking forward to carrying one of her favorites, Mary Janes, up until recently made by NECCO.

The historic candy maker (which stands for New England Confectionery Company) closed last year after being in operation since 1847. It’s new owner, Ohio-based Spangler Candy Company, maker of Dum Dum lollipops and Circus Peanuts, hope to begin production later this year.

We wish Laura and Buddy the best of luck.


Witherbee's Annual Bob Crawfish Boil 2019

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 11.07.15 AM.png

The Crawdaddies have been ordered and are on the way to he annual Witherbee's Carriage House Bayou Bob Crawfish Boil, starting March 1st, 2019

Bill and Patty have had had hundreds of pounds of crawfish flown in from Louisiana for this special event, which memorializes Louisiana native and long time Schroon  Lake resident Bobby Matchutas.

Bob taught Bill and Patty all of the secrets to a traditional Louisiana Crawfish Boil, including a dizzying array of spices and the precise timing required to achieve that authentic Cajun taste

Schroon  Laker Joe Steiniger has the terrific back story behind the Boil on his North  Country Rambler blog. It's a fun read.

Witherbee’s Carriage House 581 US Route 9. 518-532-9595