Jews In The Adirondacks: A Special Presentation in Schroon


Jewish heritage and the contribution of Jews in the Adirondacks are part of a special presentation hosted by the Schroon-North Hudson Historical Society at The Boat House tonight (Thursday, July 12).

Diane O’Conner, from the Ticonderoga Historical Society, will introduce Jews who made a mark in our region, among them, attorney and conservationist Louis Marshall.

He played a key role in drafting the "Forever Wild" clause that protects the Adirondack wilderness. His son Bob Marshall was principal founder of the Adirondack 46ers and the Wilderness Society.

"He shaped the U.S. Forest Service's policy on wilderness designation and management," according to the Wilderness Society website.

"He wrote passionately on all aspects of conservation and preservation and was among the first to suggest that large tracts of Alaska be preserved."

The Wilderness Society, formed in 1935, is still going strong.

It works to preserve the shared wild lands of the United States, fighting for legal protections and championing and defending "national policies that give protections for public lands, especially for our national forests, parks, refuges and Bureau of Land Management lands," according to the site.

"I love the woods and solitude," Marshall once wrote, according to the website. "I should hate to spend the greater part of my lifetime in a stuffy office or in a crowded city.”

When and Where:

The Boat House, Dock Street, Schroon Lake, . 7 pm, Thursday, July 11, 2019