Rotten Apples At Schroon's Community Garden


Up until now, the garden was a peaceful sanctuary. Locals and visitors could walk among the beds, admiring an amazing array of herbs, veggies and flowers, including a 15 foot high sunflower which kept watch over the beds last year.

From garden organizer Sharon Piper:

I have been in contact with Superintendent Marnell and am considering filing a police report for the missing cages and the hose destruction. I will also ask the Chamber to consider posting a reward to find these creeps. Please don't lose heart; friends….the majority of people are good and honest. We just have to weed out the bad apples. I'll keep you posted as we work through this challenge.
Take care.

Members of the garden are urging Sharon to file a police report.

To repeat an oft spoken catch phrase, if you see something, say something. The local state police phone number is 518-962- 8235