What's Got These Folks All In A Pickle?

Linda Hallock and Carol Kobbe face off against their husbands Don and Bob. Photo by Dan Riggins

There’s a new sport that’s been sweeping Schroon this summer that has players all in a pickle! It’s Pickleball, where the games of tennis, badminton and table tennis meet in a mash up that has folks young and old squaring of each Wednesday night.

The local game attracts both summer and local residents, Pickleball player Dan Rggiins told Schroon Laker.

“It is a fun and exciting game and terrific exercise. A fast game and so easy to pick up,” said Carol Kobbe, a summer resident.

The game is played with a paddle and a wiffle ball. The net is lower than a tennis net. What makes Pickleball so appealing is the speed of the game. The size of the court is about a third of the area of a tennis court – and speed of the ball make it easier to play than tennis.

“This is a great game and the people who get together are amazing. We have so much fun each week,” said 13-year-old Levi Williams, the youngest player.

Pickelball began as a backyard game in 1965. It’s now an organized sport with more than 100,000 players in the US.

“We have two courts and enough equipment for 12 players and we welcome newcomers at any time,” Dan said. Have you played Pickleball? tell us about it in comments.

Pickleball. Wednesday at 5:30 pm at the Town Courts.(Loaner equipment and game directions available at the Library).